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Bridgemont Group specializes in defective medical devices

Were you or a loved one injured due to a defective medical device? Cases are being reviewed nationwide for injuries related to medical devices and their side effects.

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Defective medical devices that can cause serious injuries

If you’ve been injured from a defective medical device, than you might have a claim. Fill out the form at the top of this page to a free, no-obligation review of your case.


Textured breast implants have been linked to a rare form of cancer, known as Anaplastic Large Cell Lyphoma (ALCL).


Lawsuits reviewed for those who have suffered severe injuries that were caused by a defective hernia repair mesh.


Lawsuits for individuals who have experienced complications following surgery where any of the following artificial hip systems were used.


A number of different retrievable IVC filter designs introduced in recent years have been linked to serious complications, where they may fracture or break, causing severe injury or even death.


Following a total knee replacement (TKR), the new joint is typically expected to last about 20 years. However, several different types of knee implants introduced in recent years have been linked to higher-than-expected rates of complications, often leading to the need for risky revision surgery.